Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An impromptu family session.

As we were driving to a family reunion a few weeks ago (in the middle of no-mans-land) we spotted this cool building.  So we stopped for a quick family photo shoot.

My two favorite Hunters. :)

Loving him more than ever.

They look so sweet in these pics, don't they?  Don't be fooled. :)

As much as I LOVE taking pics I rarely get any decent ones of my own family.  So this was a fun surprise.


Millergirls said...

You are so talented Emilee and you have some amazing subjects as well. You are so blessed!

Michelle said...

love love love 'em Em! You rocked it - and with a self timer? Extra credit FOR SURE.

Emilee Stanley said...

Actually the family shots were taken by Savannah. She happened to be with us. So I just set it up for her and let her snap away. She get some credit. :)

Michelle said...

Maybe you can train her to be a 2nd shooter?

Allyson said...

SOOO GOOD!!! And I'm looking for a cool location like that for family pictures that nobody has used before so I'm quite jealous!!

Laura said...

how fun! that's really good of you and david:).