Monday, October 11, 2010

I don't know what you've been told...

but two little boys turned another year old.

Judd just turned 2 and Jonathan turns 3 next week.  Last year we had them a party together and it worked out so well we did it again.  Allison and I were in Gymboree earlier this summer and saw these shirts.  And just like that a camo party was born!

Unlce Scott showed up with real camo face-paint.

David and Kent set up a little boot-camp course in our backyard.

First up army crawl.

Then a little balance test.

Running to the next event.

Jonathan was so worried about his hat falling off.

Through the ladder.

Grab the rope...

and JUMP!

Next up was target practice.

I got trampled on by the kids while trying to take the cake photos.  So these are the best I got. :)

Bec showed up with these adorable outdoor tents she built for the boys.

Enjoying a ride in the new wagon.

Special thanks to Auntie who drove 3 hours to only be here for 30 minutes.  Thanks Auntie!  

An attempt to get all 12 kiddos.

Thanks to everyone who came.  We are very grateful and undeserving of you all!


Allyson said...

So creative!!! I love it!!!

Michelle said...

what a blast! i love the shirts!

And bec... seriously? :)

Emilee Stanley said...

I know - Bec is ridiculous. Just glad I am a beneficiary! :)