Tuesday, September 28, 2010

All good things come to an end.

I wanted to post the rest of our vacation pictures.  I'm sure you've had enough but I enjoy having this blog to look back at the moments I have forgotten.

To wrap it up, here's a few more.  Trust me this is only about 5% of what I took!

Anna Kate and I have a vacation tradition...pedicures!  Here she is showing off her blue nail polish.  It's always fun girly time.

Best buddies.

Waiting for daddy to go on a doughnut run.  What, you don't wear pajamas, a backpack, and a bike helmet on your doughnut runs?

More beach time.

Just so you know it wasn't all smiles.

When Hunter isn't being kind to his brother we like to tell him one day Judd may be bigger.  He can't grasp that in his small mind.  But I think this photo shows my point.  It sure doesn't look like Judd is much smaller than his big bro!

1, 2, 3 JUMP!  Judd missed the cue.

We did the "obligatory" family photos the last night.  Here is my girl looking way to old.

The three amigos.

David told them to cross their arms.  It was so cute watching Juddson figure out how to cross his arms.


These were as good as it got.

We're back to reality around here.  The suitcases are put away and the Fall clothes are being taken out.  We were so thankful for this trip!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacks Birthday

I was just importing pictures on my new computer and it was like watching the last year of my life flash before my eyes. There are so many cute pictures and great memories that just stay trapped in my camera. I can't believe I haven't posted Jacks birthday pictures. Well, actually I can believe it but anyway here they are. There are a ton of pictures but I figure if you don't want to see pictures of my kids then you are reading the wrong blog. Ok and they are all of Jack but he is the baby what can I say?

Jacks birthday was August 8th. We started the day like all the birthdays in our house cinnamon rolls with colored icing. Each kid gets a special color, we decided that Jacks should be orange.

Our family tradition is that we wake the birthday person up with singing Happy Birthday and bringing them the cinnamon roll.

Jack thought it was great.

But he was mad he didn't get to eat it right then.

He LOVED the cinnamon roll and finished the whole thing and half of mine. You can tell he is a 4th kid because we would have never let our other babies eat all of that.

Then we opened a few presents. Jake grabbed this car out of the playroom and wrapped it up right before we got Jacks up.

We also got him this rolling bull. He thought it was a lot of fun.

After Church, lunch and naps we had a family pool party. With Auntie, Nana, Papa, Emilee, David, Anna Kate, Lydia, Hunter, Juddson, and our family. (Kent & Allison were out of town and some of their kids were at other houses.)

We had Pizza, cake and ice cream to eat.

Jack of course loved all the food. I also think he enjoyed having everyone watch him eat. He isn't used to that and he kept looking at everyone wondering what was going on.

Everyone loves a good cake scene so here is my narration.
Mommy stop singing

Hmm this looks good

This is really for me?!!
Let's make this easier

Oh yeah!
Why is everyone watching me?

Ahhhh, So full
But there's always room for watermelon
Being one rocks!

After only a little swimming we had a diaper incident at the pool and came back to our house to open presents.

He received lots of great gifts.
Thanks everyone for celebrating Jacks birthday with us!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rylee's 1st soccer game

We signed Rylee and Jake up for soccer this year. They are both enjoying it. Here are some pictures from Rylee's first game. Rylee doesn't seem like the athletic type so we were surprised at how well she did. She played hard the whole time, was aggressive and tried to score a few times. She had a lot of fun and is excited about this weeks game.

Jake is in the 4 year old league so he doesn't have real games they just scrimmage after practice. I will post some pictures of that soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Warning! A very long post ahead.

We may never come back.  I love Knoxville and all that it entails it but I'm pretty sure they are going to have to kick me out of here.  I'm sitting here watching wave after wave crash to the shore.  The white caps against the aqua ocean for as far as my eyes can see.  And since I am on the 8th floor my eyes can see pretty far! :)  Seagulls are flying by, daddies playing with their kiddos, couples sitting and waiting on the sunset.  It's a pretty magical place.  Sure it isn't perfect...but it seems to have been this trip.  Except for the stoned guy who tried to steal our tent cover.  But that is different story.  

Here's a recap of the past few days.

Anna Kate's first substitute!

The kids excited to tryout the new purchase.

One of the great things about this area is there are so many quaint places to go.  We've enjoyed the Baytowne Wharf.

Anna Kate is loving to take pictures these days.  Of course I am a nervous wreck letting her near my new camera.  But she's doing a pretty good job for a 5 year old!  The camera practically weighs half of her body weight so she has a hard time keeping it straight.  Anyway, the next two are her photos:

Lots and lots of beach time.  David is a big believer that you don't drive 600 miles to be at the beach and then just hang out by the pool! :)

(With the matching hats/life-jackets several people have asked me if the boys are twins.)  This boat has been a huge hit.

David working on that stack of books.  
But it's not a honest portrayal.  I'm the one who has read more than anyone.  And there is only one reason why.  My husband has been serving his socks off.  Everyday after we go to the ocean he takes the kids up for naps and lets me stay and enjoy the beach.  We're talking drags the kids (& 50 pounds of gear) up to the condo.  Strips off sandy beach clothes.  Showers everyone.  Dresses everyone and puts them down for naps.  Meanwhile I am sitting on the beach in peace and quiet.  He does this every year when we go on vacation.  It's priceless.  And it might just have something to do with why I never want to leave here.

Waiting for the sunset.

Life will be back to reality before I know it.  Back to Cheerios instead of Lucky Charms.  Back to rising early.  Back to school in the laundry room.  Back to the daily grind.  And truth be told I love our reality.  I know everyday can't be "a day at the beach."  But that's why I am loving these few that are!