Friday, August 20, 2010

Watch out we come!

Like every other parent I swear it was just yesterday that I brought Anna Kate home from the hospital.  So I am not sure how 5 years have passed and she's old enough for school.  But the inevitable has happened and this week we faced the reality...Kindergarten.

For a few reasons we've decided to give homeschooling a try.  If you ask Anna Kate why we she is homeschooling she'll say, "because my mommy will miss me if I go to school!"  At least that is what I just overheard her tell a new neighborhood kid.  I can't lie, that is true (though for sure not the only reason). But it is a joy to have her here and I do just love being with my kiddos (on most days!)

This was our first week.  Actually we started on Wednesday to ease us in...because I'm lazy smart like that.  But so far, so good.  We have both thoroughly enjoyed our first 3 days.

We decided to use the little nook in our laundry room for her school area.  She loves having a place of her on.  And as an extra bonus I have gotten my laundry done in record time this week.  It's kind of hard to ignore when you are working right beside it.

A few pics from the morning.  She was super excited to start and also super excited that she could wear any dress she wanted to.  

The infamous "front door" photo.  It was irrelevant we weren't actually going out the door. :)
(Does this look like Rebecca as a kid or what - look at those arms and legs!)

I insisted on braids.  It just seems so "first-day-of-kindergartenish."

I LOVE this pic (even if it's blurry) because it reminds me she's still her daddy's little girl.

And one with the teacher. :)

Can you tell she was getting over the poses and letting her true self shine forth? 

And finally to work.  We are taking a "nature" walk each day.  It's really just around the block but she is finding items to draw/write about in her nature journal.  So far it's been a big hit.


So far so good... 3 days down and 177 more to go!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day if School

School Started this week. We started at home on Monday then Rylee had her co-op on Tuesday.
Here is Monday Morning

Last year we started some first day of school traditions one being going out for breakfast. This year we went to Long's drug store and sat at the counter.

The other is a painting a self portrait.

I'll let you guess whos is who

We also had some projects to do for Rylee's co-op so we started on some fun ones.

Then on Tuesday we all took Rylee to her first day of real school. She was so excited. Up and ready really early with her new backpack.

Rylee loved it she said it was even better than she had imagined!

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