Monday, March 30, 2009

Park Day

Our zoo plans got cancelled for today so we hit the park last minute. First stop Super Target to get some lunch items. I seriously need to do some grocery shopping. You know it's bad when you are rationing out the last of the MILK & CEREAL at breakfast because it was the ONLY option. (Unless you consider potato salad and baked beans a breakfast option).
Poor guy, it was a bad hair day.  Look at those curls, they need a cut in a bad way!

I still can't believe she's 4.  She spent her time at the park caring for her little brother and asking all the little girls to be her friend.

My sweet boy.  He missed two naps and was still happy!  (Les, do you see he is wearing the shirt you made him?)

A kiss from his sis:  Not exactly what he was hoping for!


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My big helper

I know this picture isn't that great but it's one close to my heart. Anna Kate is my big helper. I seriously don't know what I would do with out her. Here she is "reading" a book to her brothers. She loves them so much and they are pretty crazy about her too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Makeover

Reese found my mascara yesterday and decided to give herself a makeover.
Maybe someone should tell her the goth look is out.
The funny thing is that she was sitting next to Chad the whole time and he didn't notice until Jake said something.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Typical Monday Madness

It's Monday Madness around here. The typical Monday in our house...8 loads of laundry that needs to be folded, dishes in the sink, and the few clothes that aren't waiting to be folded are lying all around the house. I'm not sure how the weekend defeats me every time but it always does. But it such a beautiful day we have postponed the inside chores and are enjoying a little outside time. I took my first walk with all 3 kids which went better than I expected. It was a snails pace since I made Anna Kate walk but it was still fun.
The kids are enjoying this spring weather. Here are a few photos from a picnic this weekend:



And one last photo.  I never organize the bookshelves.  I want the kids to enjoy the books and feel free to take them off and enjoy them at their leisure.  (And to be honest it's just not a priority - I'm happy to get the dishes washed and the floors swept!)  But last week I got inspired to clean them and arrange them.  It looked great for about all of five minutes.  By the time I turned around Hunter had completely emptied all the books onto the floor.  So much for that!  But I did want to take the opportunity to say THANKS AUNTIE!  The majority of these books are from you.  Two generations of books have given us quite a collection.  Thank you so much for your generosity!
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100th day of school

We are about 8 weeks away from finishing up the school year. Savannah took the TCAP test last week for 3 days. I ask her if any of it was difficult and she said "only the take aways" I asked her "Take aways, what are take aways?" She replied, "you know mom when you take one number away from another." Ohhhh - subtraction! That's the thing about homeschool, you rarely know what grade you are actually in or even what "grades" mean. You don't know the formal name for things (subtraction vs. take aways). When Kennedy made a 100 on her first reading test, she asked me if that was good. Most of the practices of public school don't stick or apply well. But to have them with you, to be their primary influence, to fill their little minds with a biblical world view, to give them time to run outside and dig up worms (which is exactly what Kennedy is doing right now - I'll call it science), to only have them absorb one value system - until they are more mature and discerning to learn of another, to learn to serve one another in the home, to not look down on one another in favor of peers, these are just a few of the things I have observed as benefits of teaching my children at home. And no one loves them like we do! This picture was taken at our 100th day of school, this is what they built with 100 blocks and a few legos.


This is a little late, but here is a picture from the girls most recent ballet recital - not that they all danced! Really, it was quite a sight, the older classes went first. All went well and then the younger class (Rylee, Anna Kate & Lydia's class) had their turn. Right before they began dancing a BIG LOUD POP sounded, I think it had something to do with the sound system. Really, I am surprised that any of the children remainded in their spots after that noise. However, Lydia had already fled the scene. As her class was waiting their turn to go up & perform, she made a mad dash (we have only seen her run that fast one time and it was to get M&M's off the floor Savannah had spilled) and told us she had to go to the restroom (quite a coincidence). Kent took her to the restroom where it became obvious that she really did not have to use it. She came back when her group was done. She missed the rest of the show and did not get to see Rylee stand in perfect pose, stare at her parents the whole time and cry. She never moved, except the tears coming from her eyes. Chad & Rebecca kept trying to point her to look at Mrs. Lamachia, but she continued to stare them down. When it was over, she was all smiles and fine. Anna Kate did not run or cry, but she did do the one same step, FAIRY TAP over and over and over - the whole recital. While the other girls were turning and dancing, she fairy tapped. It was definitely a KODAK moment! IS Kodak even still around?

Dress Up

Here's what happens when you have three older sisters - you enter their world of dress up! Savannah dressed them up & took the picture.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Recap

We had the kids a combined birthday this year. Anna Kate was set on doing a bowling party. So we celebrated her 4th and Hunter's 2nd birthday at UT's Down Under bowling alley.  Thanks to all the family for celebrating with us!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I had to laugh at the other day when Jonathan was at our house. He reminded me of a mini Jake. Same hair, same blanket, same thumb. It was fun having another boy around.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Taking the plunge...

It's official.  
I'm taking the blog plunge.

I keep wanting to start a blog.  I even have thoughts like, "if I had a blog I'd put this photo on there."  Pretty pathetic, huh?  So I'm taking the plunge and bringing Rebecca with me.  Together we'll try to share about the adventures of our almost dozen of cousins.  So this is a little blog to help us remember the joys of motherhood.  I wish I could promise you deep truths, profound insight or even decent grammar.  Honestly, I'll just be happy if I get a few photos on here every once in a while.  But since I so enjoy everyone else's blogs I thought I'd try to join in on the fun.  Hopefully this will help us record some of the fun (& let us be honest the not-so-fun) moments of motherhood.  

Since Allison has her hands slightly full in the real world we probably can't convince her to join us in the blog world.  (Allison, maybe you can let Savannah represent your family.  Surely you can count it as school somehow!)  But we'll try to include her kiddos when possible.

So, without further ado...welcome to the (almost) dozen of cousins!