Monday, October 4, 2010

The Playhouse

Maybe it was all the Punky Brewster I watched growing up but I've always loved playhouses. I know hers was a treehouse but who has threes like that? There is just something magical about being a kid and having a little house of your own. As a kid my friends and I converted an old smokehouse behind my dad's house to a playhouse. We spent the whole summer out there.

So now that I have kids of my own of course I started dreaming of getting a playhouse for them. I chased a few on craigslist and got a quote from someone for building one but I was either too late or they were too expensive. Then in the spring I fell in love with the blog Literally I fell in love. Making furniture is something I have always wanted to to do but didn't know where to start. I was so excited after discovering the blog that I called Chad right away. And being the sweet husband that he is took me to Home Depot that night to get stuff for my first picnic table. After the first project I was hooked. I made a few picnic tables, a side table and a coffee table . I even got a miter saw for Mothers day.

Then Ana posted a plan for a playhouse. And suddenly my dream started to become a reality. The only problem was her playhouse was designed to be built on a swing set and was a little small for 4 kids and 7 nieces and nephews. Plus I wanted to be able to play in it. I decided to expand it and make it taller. I was constantly thinking and planning it. I wanted to make it as cheap as possible. I bought the siding, windows, shingles and door off craigslist at a fraction of the cost. We rescued a ton of wood from our neighbors deck that they tore up to put in a pool. After a few months I had collected all the materials that I needed to make the playhouse. Now all I needed was some help.
I recruited the hardest working retired man I know, my dad. He came up for a week in the middle of July and worked his but off. Some days for 12 hours. We got a lot done that week. And between the 95 deg weather and putting on shingles we both lost weight. Chad helped when he got home from work and David and Kent came over one evening to help out. Then Chad and I finished the rest over the last 2 months whenever we had time.

When Dad arrived I had already made the base and framed one wall. I was afraid he would talk me out of making it so big. 8x10 with a 2.5 foot porch. Noticed the reused wood.
At the end of day 1. Looking good
End of Day 2
Figuring out the roof was tricky. It ended up being 9' tall inside.
This is what it looked like on Friday when Dad went home.
Notice the windows are taller. I freaked out that I had put them too low and moved them up.
I forgot to take pictures as Chad and I were working on the siding. But here it is almost finished.
I had to put a loft inside it. It's the kids favorite part.
The inside is still bare. But of course I have plans for it too. I just hope Chad doesn't read this. :)
Finally finish. Well almost there is still some touch up to do.
Our whole family spent the night in it on Friday. It is a good thing that I made it so big because it fit a queen size air bed, a pack and play and Rylee and Jake slept on the loft.
I love it and I know we will have many family memories in it. Thanks Dad for all your help!

Oh and go over to Ana's blog and vote for my project. She has a weekly contest and the winner gets a $50 gift card to Lowes! My favorite store. Just scroll down and click the heart next to my project. Thanks


Melanie said...

SO cool Bec. I love the seasonal decor outside as well. Do you think you could build a storage shed for us? We could really use one- thanks!

Paula said...

I am seriously impressed! You rock, mom! Can I come over and play?

lillian said...

That is so amazing bec!!!!
I want to build one too!!!!!
I will vote for you!!!

Morgan said...

This is INCREDIBLE! I read a lot about "tiny living" and this playhouse would make someone a great actual house. Well done and I hope you win!

sufferingsuccotash said...

Would love to see what you've done on the inside. I found your blog through the Knock Off Wood website. I am building the same play house plans but wasn't smart enough to think about moving the door to the center! Or building a loft. What did you do for the floor? Does water get in through the door?

Carmen said...

I love this so much. We are in the process of coming up with a plan to build our own playhouse and I came across your blog. Did you design your own plans? I can't wait to add a loft to ours and have a sleepover too :)

Lil Mama said...

I love it. It's like building a house! U cd build ur own house..just bigger.

Lil Mama said...

I love it. It's like building a house! U cd build ur own house..just bigger.

Stephen Finnerty said...

Just what I was looking for... do you have plans available?

HugsandRainbows said...

Do you have the instructions anywhere?

Whitney Barnard said...

Do you have the template/plans as it isn't showing on the ana white site any longer?