Friday, May 22, 2009

St. Simons - a mini vacation

If these beaches look familiar it's because we just got back from St. Simons also.  We went the week after Kent & Allison.  Dinah graciously rented a condo for the entire month of May & let the whole family take different weeks.

Here's Juddson's beach debut.  He barely got out of the stroller.  :)

 But this girl loved it!


And so did this little man.  People thought he was a "local."  I think it's the blond curls, they look like they belong at the beach.

And this handsome man.  Well he worked like madness.  It wasn't much of a vacation for him.  He was setting up chairs, lathering up lotion, building sand castles, and letting me rest!  If you've ever been to the beach with small kiddos you know it's not easy.  It's work & he did most of it.  (Thanks, Babe).

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St. Simons (take two!)

We loved the beaches at St. Simons.  There was this cute little path that lead out to the beach.

The kids ran, splashed, and swam non-stop.

But this was their favorite thing to do.  David would pull them as fast as he could on the boogie board and then let go.  They loved it!

Foods from the sea

Last year when we went to the beach Anna Kate loved crab legs.  So we made a point to take her out for some fresh crab the last night we were there.  Evidently she forgot what they looked like.  She was slightly freaked out when they brought out the plate!  She quickly overcame her fears and ate them like a champ.

Hunter on the other hand didn't need any encouragement.  He was grabbing David's RAW oysters off his plate.  

She's getting way too big.

Dinner on Jekyll Island.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

last of the vacation pics!

more vacation pics

So among going to the beach and taking lots of afternoon naps, we did do a few other things. We went to Christ Church where Kent had the kids sit on the front of the church and "pray". I think I should encourage Kennedy that while she is pursuing the spiritual disciplines not to forget about modesty! We also went to Ft. Frederica, where everyone dressed up and even enjoyed touring the fort. We headed into Jeckyll Island one day, but spent most of our days just having fun on St. Simons biking, beaching and eating.


We just returned from a wonderful week long family vacation. We went to St. Simons Island and you know when you spend a week at the beach life seems so easy! Really your only main decision is "what time should we head to the beach"? One day Savannah & I were walking around the village circle and I said "wouldn't it be great if we had a little house down here and we could come back more often?" Her response was, "well it would be really great if our church was here!" Yes, she's right, I am very sure it wouldn't stay "easy" around there for long (what is?) and I am so glad that she is learning to love the church, our church! The top picture is of Christ Church, where John & Charles Wesley first held services on this property and then in 1883 this church was built.

Aunt Emilee's chocolate chip cookies

So my kids love Emilee's chocolate chip cookies. They always say she should open her own store and sell them (you know in all her spare time!). Here are some pics of Jonathan enjoying his own, whole, Aunt Emilee cookie. Doesn't the last shot look like he's just fallen in love???

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Wild Man

So in the last two years I have learned that raising boys is SO DIFFERENT than raising a girl. Or maybe it's just my boy. I'm daily surprised at his antics and what seems to "make sense" in the mind of a two-year old.

Like putting goldfish in his daddy's coffee grinder.
Or dumping the box of drywall plaster all over the garage.  This photo does not do it justice.  It was quite a mess.  (And this happened when he was suppose to be "cleaning" the garage).

He is constantly jumping off things and falling off things (he shouldn't be on in the first place).  This is head injury #1,267 or something like that.  Seriously, we're pretty good at wound closures these days! 
The other day the kids and I were looking for worms and snails in the back yard.  I had my back to Hunter when I heard him saying, "hi bug, hi bug."  I looked over at him and he had this BLACK WIDOW in his hand.  Thank God for his protection.  It was a scary moment. 

But then I catch him at moments like this and I think he's the cutest little guy I ever laid eyes on.  He's full of life and personality.  He loves to give "big hugs" as he says.  He wakes every morning and after nap in a drunken stupor with serious bed-head (which he unfortunately gets from his mama!) and stumbles into the kitchen announcing, "I hungy!"  And then my heart melts and I know in the blink of an eye my little man won't be two anymore.  He won't be putting goldfish in coffee grinders and I'll miss even moments as crazy as these.