Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well summer is almost over and we are enjoying the last of it at the beach.  By God's kind providence we got hooked up with one fabulous vacation.  Long story short but we didn't really know much about the place we would be staying.  It is SO MUCH MORE than we could have asked for (or afforded!)  I thought I would try to blog some of the pics while I am here because I know it will be back to busy life as soon as we return.  So here are the first few days of vacation.  (For sake of time I am resisting the urge to edit these even though I really, really want to!)

David had a class to take in Atlanta.  So we spent one night there.  What's the first thing kids do in a hotel?  Jump on the bed of course! 

Dinah has joined us on the trip.  So she and I took the kids to venture the big city while David was in class.  We hit up the OK Cafe (best milkshakes!), Centennial Park, Grant Park, and even Ikea.  We were worn out!

The hubs loves to read.  Seriously, he brought all these books.  Maybe he forgot we have 3 kids and vacation isn't quite what it use to be.  But I hope for his sake he gets to enjoy a few of these.

Nothing says good morning like pancakes (or pan-a-cakes as my kids say) from GIGI.  She makes the best pancakes ever.  It's only one of the perks of bringing her along. :)

Enjoying the view.  Or maybe spying on people.  I'm not sure which.

And since we are actually in "session" Anna Kate is still doing some school.  I'm pretty sure she could get use to the view.  It's slightly better than the laundry room wall.

Ready to hit up the beach.

All greased up and ready to go.

My boys.

My boy loves the boogie board.  He worked this thing until he was out of breath.  It was absolutely adorable.

That's all for now!


Rebecca said...

Great Pictures it looks like fun. I can't believe you went without us.

Allison said...

Hey Emilee - looks like fun! I especially like the one of Judson all smiles on the board - so cute!!!