Thursday, September 2, 2010

11 days down, 169 to go!

School has started and here are some things we are learning:

1. Sidewalk chalk makes a great a break

2. Teaching moments can be fun -
a true "building one another up" experiment from 1 Thess 5:11

3. Counting bears are more fun when swimming in water.

4. Copying ideas from your sister works out great - thanks Bec!

5.Everyone likes to paint.

6. Second graders still like to build & play with blocks.

7. Being old enough for Kindergarten,
does not mean you are too old for big pink bows.

8. Packing peanuts do not make good snow angels
and are almost impossible to clean up.


Terrie said...

What a fun teacher you are Allison! Can I come to your school? Loved seeing pics of your kids.

Michelle said...

Excellent lessons. :)

Your school looks way more fun than mine. :)