Thursday, February 3, 2011

What have we been up to?

Celebrating birthdays- Rylee's birthday at the American Girl store.

Celebrating Christmas

Making crafts
Sewing Lessons

Riding bikes inside
Enjoying the fireplace.

Wearing layers

Snow days with daddy
Kissing these cheeks

Making a few birthday presents. Workbench for Jake

Doll bed for Reese. Rylee made with quilt. (with my help)

Another birthday. They are cooking Marshmallows not peeing.
Jake picked 3 friends to "camp in" for his birthday.
And one more birthday.
Getting pretty at the Groovy Pad

A few highlights of the last few months.
We have also been home schooling, disciplining, taking care of sick kids, crying -mostly me, many doctors appointments. But I don't have pictures of those things.

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Michelle said...

I keep repeating what you say to me about how people only post the good things on their blogs... but even if I only posted the good things I wouldn't have as many creative and fun things as you do! You are a FUN MOM!!