Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day if School

School Started this week. We started at home on Monday then Rylee had her co-op on Tuesday.
Here is Monday Morning

Last year we started some first day of school traditions one being going out for breakfast. This year we went to Long's drug store and sat at the counter.

The other is a painting a self portrait.

I'll let you guess whos is who

We also had some projects to do for Rylee's co-op so we started on some fun ones.

Then on Tuesday we all took Rylee to her first day of real school. She was so excited. Up and ready really early with her new backpack.

Rylee loved it she said it was even better than she had imagined!

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Laura said...

oh, man. she is so cute. and i love the traditions!

Joslynn said...

cute pics Bec!