Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lost in the move

I think most everyone knows we sold our house.  It was bittersweet.  We have lived there since Anna Kate was 3 months old.  So it goes without saying we had a million sweet memories in that home.  It all happened so fast that the month of March was pure craziness.  I would pack a box and the kids would unpack two.  I kid, but it sure felt that way.  Thankfully we survived and managed to get it all done.  Now we are living with David's parents while we renovate the new house we bought.  (That is a whole separate post.)

I just stumbled on these pics that showcase some of the fun the kids had.  I guess it goes back to that old wisdom about kids love the box more than the shiny toys.  They sure had fun with all the boxes.  (Note to moving mothers - Packing Peanuts = NIGHTMARE!  It's like Easter grass times twenty.)

Poor Judd.  Sometimes we just can't quit squeezing him.  He's been our chunkiest baby by far and we love to squish him!

You can't tell but this was in our POD.  Before it got too full they were using it as a play ground.  The kids LOVED it in there.

And one of our little princess - Anna Kate making a cake for uncle Chad's birthday.  

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Michelle said...

Hehe.. so cute Em! I miss those kids! I can't wait to see you guys again and give Judd a squeeze of my own. :)