Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog love for Jacks

I'm insprired by Emilee's courage to do a post. I realized that Jacks hasn't had much time on the blog so I thought that I would do an update on what he is doing.

Month 7 was a big month for Jack
He learned to

*Go from crawling to sitting
*Pull up
*Say Dada
*Sleep through the night (my favorite)
*and jump out of his crib (not my favorite)

He is a busy little guy.
here are somethings he is doing now that he is 8 months old

Eating all kinds of food - you can tell he is # 4
He is also pushing this wagon around the house

And pushing Reese in the wagon

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Michelle said...

so cute bec! Sadly, the only picture that showed up for me was the first one. :( But its a cute one so I guess that makes up for it... haha

I fed Nicholas stuff I never would've given addy or john michael... poor greyson is destined for juvenile diabetes and weight watchers. :(