Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dusting off my camera for teapots and chubby hands.

Life has been busy.  It always is but lately it has been a little busier than normal.  It's been so long since I took any pictures so I decided to snap a few of our day.  

It all started when my girl asked if she could have tea party.

It was supposed to be for her teddy bears,

but her brother heard there was REAL food and that was all it took.

She was being a sweet sister,

and I was loving his chubby hands holding these delicate teacups.

Then the unthinkable happened...she took away the Cheerios.  Just thought I'd keep it real since I already had the camera in hand. :)  

Please don't mess with my boy's food.  He takes eating VERY SERIOUSLY.

It's a good thing he can turn it off as quick as he can turn it on.

Oh and this guy decided he would join too.

He doesn't take his food quite so seriously.

That was about 10 minutes of our day but I'm happy to have captured a little snippet of it.


Michelle said...

Such sweet memories!

David said...

Someone needs to discipline that kid!

Pamela said...

I miss them sooooo much! Thank you providing me with snippets of their day...and yours! Love, Mom

cynthia said...

hi rebecca,
you left a comment about the black mold on my blog. i'd love to know more, could you email me at I haven't clicked on the link you sent, I guess I should do that first.