Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Recap

Now that the tree is down and I've swept up 3 dustpans of dead needles I thought I might do a quick Christmas recap.

Every year we do the kids pic with Santa. We did it growing up and it was so fun to look at the difference a year makes. Of course we tend to forget until like the day before Christmas and end up in an hour line with all of Knoville's other procrastinators. But it's worth it! I hate how Hunter looks like a "big boy" in this photo. He's changing before my very eyes into a little preschooler. I miss that chunky little face & blond shaggy curls. Good thing I've got another one to kiss on who I think may have declared on being a baby for life. The kid REFUSES to walk. As in he won't even try. I mean he can. He cruises around the furniture all day long but he has no interet in going mobile. I think he knows he's got it good being the baby & milking it for all it's worth. That's okay, his mama kinda likes it. :)
By the time Christmas is all said & done we have Christmas at 4 different houses. Don't worry I'm not blogging about all of them. In fact, I don't even have that many photos. I think by the time I chase around 3 kids I often forget to pick up my camera. But we did have a wonderful Christmas & we are VERY blessed.

These are from the Stanley Christmas. Two traditions take place at the Stanleys every year: Seafood is served & MANY stories are told. These two are from the story telling hours. And even though we hear the same stories every year they never get old. I think they actually get funnier. You try raising four crazy sons & you'd have some good stories too!

This is one from our Christmas morning. Every Christmas morning David reads The Innkeeper by John Piper. It's an advent poem he wrote for his church.

Of course there was lots of gifts, food, and chaos. Thanks to all of our family for all the wonderful gifts. Toys are overflowing from every corner!
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