Friday, May 22, 2009

St. Simons - a mini vacation

If these beaches look familiar it's because we just got back from St. Simons also.  We went the week after Kent & Allison.  Dinah graciously rented a condo for the entire month of May & let the whole family take different weeks.

Here's Juddson's beach debut.  He barely got out of the stroller.  :)

 But this girl loved it!


And so did this little man.  People thought he was a "local."  I think it's the blond curls, they look like they belong at the beach.

And this handsome man.  Well he worked like madness.  It wasn't much of a vacation for him.  He was setting up chairs, lathering up lotion, building sand castles, and letting me rest!  If you've ever been to the beach with small kiddos you know it's not easy.  It's work & he did most of it.  (Thanks, Babe).

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