Friday, March 6, 2009

Taking the plunge...

It's official.  
I'm taking the blog plunge.

I keep wanting to start a blog.  I even have thoughts like, "if I had a blog I'd put this photo on there."  Pretty pathetic, huh?  So I'm taking the plunge and bringing Rebecca with me.  Together we'll try to share about the adventures of our almost dozen of cousins.  So this is a little blog to help us remember the joys of motherhood.  I wish I could promise you deep truths, profound insight or even decent grammar.  Honestly, I'll just be happy if I get a few photos on here every once in a while.  But since I so enjoy everyone else's blogs I thought I'd try to join in on the fun.  Hopefully this will help us record some of the fun (& let us be honest the not-so-fun) moments of motherhood.  

Since Allison has her hands slightly full in the real world we probably can't convince her to join us in the blog world.  (Allison, maybe you can let Savannah represent your family.  Surely you can count it as school somehow!)  But we'll try to include her kiddos when possible.

So, without further ado...welcome to the (almost) dozen of cousins!


David said...

This is the coolest blog I have ever been to.

Jim said...

Thanks, Bec and Emily, we have looked at the pictures a dozen times already. Keep them coming we you can.

Jim said...

I should have spelled Emilee

richmond said...

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